Images by Liz Jorquera Photography

Images by Liz Jorquera Photography


cheesy grins, ugly tears, little mundane moments. give me alllll the authentic shiz.

Hey friend. Here’s the part where I talk about myself and I’m gonna jump right in because we all hate doing it. I'm originally from Minnesota, a farm-raised, small-town girl with a passion for life and a smidgen of wanderlust. I like people who are genuine and happy to be themselves. I'm a sucker for good coffee (I like it black), IPA's, baseball, op shops, books, and other general old person things.

At first, I pursued a degree in piano performance, then switched to photography (secretly enjoying my place behind a camera rather than on a stage). I started because I wanted to give people photos of themselves that captured their beauty the way other people saw it. At university, I gained a close-knit group of friends and spent a lot of time documenting and one day, I bought a Nikon d700 and fell in love.  


In 2011, I also fell in love with an Australian exchange student named Blake and 3 years later, he proposed. For our first two years together, we spent most of our relationship on opposite sides of the world, a factor that shaped me and the philosophy behind the way I shoot. Blake has taught me to prioritise friends and family, let little things go, say what you mean, and make real, meaningful memories and keep them close.


things i love |

  • aeropressed coffee

  • my coffee mugs

  • The Office & Game of Thrones (after much deliberation, those are the two best TV series ever)

  • Beethoven in all his angry glory

  • deep book sniffs

  • blueberries (by the handfuls)

  • i guess just eating in general

  • naps

  • deep & meaningfuls

  • my adventure partner & binge-watching buddy, Blake

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I approach weddings the same way I approach relationships in my own life. I want to capture the things that matter and I want you to focus on making your own memories and being totally in love with your person. 

I tend to shoot primarily as a natural light photographer, because that light is where the magic happens, and it's subtle enough to keep all the focus on you. I strive to give my clients images that represent them and not some other couple. I'll help guide you into great light and poses and then let your 'you-ness' make the photos spectacular.

I am a champion of authenticity and I chase the things that are truly important. My couples are usually pretty excited to marry their best friend but are even more excited for each and every day of their lives together after that.

Lastly, I love adventure and adventurous souls and couples who laugh together. Let's go off the beaten path, get our feet a little dirty, and try something new, shall we?