Manna & Paul | Harold Boas Gardens

It was really a privilege to be a part of Manna & Paul's story together. The two of them have a love for each other that spans continents, a love that can make a girl not think twice about packing her belongings and moving halfway across the world to be with her forever partner. If there's anyone who knows a little something about leaving home for love, it's me ;)

The two of them had a day that was filled to the brim with love and support. Judging by the lack of seating in the church, nearly their whole congregation celebrated their wedding with them, and the joy was almost palpable. I could go on gushing forever, but when a couple like this gets married, a couple that really and truly understands the importance of making each other their priority and letting everything else fall where it may...all I can say is that it's wedding photo magic and I loved documenting every minute of it. 

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