Henry & Jasmine | Mandurah Quay Wedding

I feel extremely lucky as a photographer to find couples that I jive with, and Henry and Jasmine were definitely one of those couples. From the moment I dragged my very sick, sniffly behind to our first meeting and they told me they trusted me enough to shoot their wedding, I knew we were going to work together very well. 

Henry and Jasmine's April wedding in Mandurah landed on a flawless autumn day. Perfect temperature, perfect cloud cover (give me some good, solid cloud cover over bright sun any day), perfect chemistry, and a wonderful group of people that made me feel like I was a welcome guest. You couldn't actually ask for anything better. Oofda (native Minnesotan slang for all you Aussies).

Flowers: Mizu & Mimosa, Venue: Mandurah Quay Resort, Makeup: Scarlet Beauty makeup artist, Wedding Gown: Tuscany Bridal, Wedding Car: SoCal Limos

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