Emily & Lloyd

Let me start by saying these two are superb human beings. We met for the first time on this shoot and I'll give you a little honesty bomb here - I'm still an introvert who finds it quite intimidating to meet new people and then to immediately start taking their pictures? In any other social situation, that would be creepy. But these two were so contagiously warm and happy to be there, we hit it off swimmingly and even ended the session with shoulder-crushing hugs (the best kind).

Emily and Lloyd also have a wicked sense of adventure and are so crazy about each other it's almost palpable. When I asked Emily to tell me about the two of them, this is what she said:

"We've been madly in love since we were teens. I know from the outside, we may not seem adventurous, but ever since we met, our life has been one big adventure."

That's what love is all about isn't it - finding your partner for life's adventures?