James & Angela | Backyard York Wedding


I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love it when my couples do their wedding their way. The more time I spend in and around weddings, the more I see all the fluff and planning and extra stuff seep into the forefront of a wedding day and make people forget why they're really there. J & A's wedding was not that. These two got married in his mum's backyard, with just the right amount of loved ones...and if I remember correctly, Angela was having a drink with her guests in her comfies when we arrived - about 15 minutes before the ceremony began.

...I was fairly certain we would get along. 

Honestly, words aren't really my thing, but it was a beautiful wedding, everyone was there for the right reasons, and James and Angela are clearly so good for each other. 

AND, they let me take them all over York for photos afterwards, making pitstops "downtown" and in the "mountains" of Western Australia (seriously, I don't think they get much higher than this). Just bloody look at how much they make each other smile. 

Second Shooter : Shoshana Kruger Photography