Dale & Ciaran


Give me a couple who says they don't like their picture taken and I'll give you two people who don't realise how much they make each other smile! Dale & Ciaran were a bit unsure about doing a pre-wedding shoot and I told them the same thing I tell all my couples - NO ONE is good at being in front of the camera (well, most of us), so don't feel awkward about it for a second. You're in the majority!

Being the awesome couple they are, Dale requested we finish off the session at a local pub, and I think we became best friends on the spot.  Not only is beer my happy place, but as a photographer, I loooove when my couples spice up their portraits with a bit of their own personality. 

These two are so clearly ecstatic about each other and I'm stoked for their wedding in less than 3 short months!