Brookside Vineyard Styled Shoot


Way back in March - what seems like ages ago now - I coordinated and photographed a wedding styled shoot at my favourite little winery in the Perth Hills. As you might already know, this project was, and still is, really close to my heart for a few reasons: it was the first styled shoot that I was brave enough to dream up and plan all on my own, and it was the first shoot I've ever had published in a wedding blog. Even now, months later, when everyone else is probably sick of hearing about it, I still well up a little with pride.

I fell head over heels in love with Brookside even before I stepped foot there. I must have spent days googling venues in the Perth Hills (a whole region I'm also madly in love with) and all it took was finding out they have a place where you can eat lunch next to a bubbling brook under a willow tree. 


The next few weeks were basically a blur and I slowly realised how unsuited I am at planning...anything...yet somehow I ended up with a team of some of the most talented wedding women in Perth. They really pulled together to help me create something I'm really proud of, and I've been fortunate enough to have worked with almost all of them again since. My friends Chris and Pip also saved my butt when they agreed to be my models - without their very last-minute help, this whole shoot would have ended much differently.

Anyways, this is my baby. I spent most of the day re-visiting my favourites and obsessively tweaking them. You can find the published shoot HERE

Huge thanks tooo... Madeleine Ruth Bridal, A La Table Rentals, Marielle Studio, Brookside Vineyard, Her Handpicked Harvest, The One Hair and Body, Hollie Shara Makeup Artistry, Luca Jouel, Petit Poh, Belinda Clinton, and my lovely models Chris and Pip, musician and illustrator respectively, and you can find their work HERE and HERE. x