Kirsty & Ben | Yellagonga Park

I just love these two (is it biased to say that about all of my couples?)! We miraculously scheduled this shoot on one of the most beautiful winter days in Perth this year, smack in the middle of weeeeeks of rain. Kirsty and Ben were both so chill and humoured me as I dragged them all around the park, exploring all the little nooks and good light spots. The two are both crazy in love and super easy to be around - without sounding too cheesy, they really do radiate the happiness they feel toward each other. I kept catching Kirsty getting lost in Ben's eyes as we shot and every now and then she'd just burst out giggling (but I'm honestly not sure if it was with him or at him). 

Their wedding is this October (is it seriously less than two months away already?) down in Margaret River and I can't wait to spend the day with them, laughing and otherwise just having a kickass time.