Kirsty & Ben | Aravina Estate Wedding


Hello and welcome! 

People always used to tell me keeping up with my blog wasn't easy, and I never used to believe them, but I DO NOW. Kirsty & Ben's wedding, although it feels like it was just last week, happened all the way back in October, which is pretty much when my wedding season started. By the way, congrats you've been married for almost 4 months now and you're killing it!

I feel like I get an interesting point of view into relationships, and although I see a lot of them, Kirsty and Ben stick out as having the most compatible kind of give and take. They just seem so perfectly matched to each other...not in a way where they finish each other's sentences and share hobbies, but they seem to yin and yang in sync. In their own words, "Ben would give everything he had to see me happy" and "Kirsty always puts me first before herself". 

They had a really beautiful wedding (if you ask me), but when I woke up that morning, the little cottage I was staying in was actually swaying from the wind. Oh, and it was raining. All of mother nature seemed hell-bent on sharing her misery, but when it came time for the ceremony, she took a deep, long breath, and released another downpour only minutes after the "I-DOs". 

The rest of our time was spent dodging rain showers, hiding from the wind, and chasing some illusive rays of sunlight until we finally gave up and went into the Wine Cellar for a bit of dry repose. Despite a damp suit and a muddy train, these two had only smiles (and cuddles) for each other. 

Gown - Grace Loves Lace  |  Flowers - Mable & Grace  |  Hair & Makeup - Passions for Hair  |  Dessert - Queen Bee Cupcakes