Tim & Jess | Guildford Town Hall

Tim & Jess' wedding was my last wedding for 2017, and it was a banger.

I kept saying (to the point where it probably got obnoxious) that it reminded me a lot of my own wedding - really chilled out, full of emotion (all the good kinds), and all about the people. ALSO, Indian buffet-style dinner + homemade desserts...need I say more? I tend to tear up and get emotional during the vows and speeches, and usually it's quite manageable, but when I was shooting Jess walking down the aisle with her dad and she started tearing up, I lost it. Conveniently, my face is hidden behind my camera, but I swear to you, her happy tears completely destroyed me.

And these two are so perfectly matched, you can feel the warmth they radiate when they're together. I dunno man...you see a lot of couples in this industry and you develop a keen sense for when two people just work.


Gown - Through The White Door  |  Florals - Honey Bunch Botanicals