Sarah & Brett Sneak Peek | Patsy Durack's Rose Garden

If you’re planning a wedding in Perth in early March, ask literally anyone, and they’ll tell you it’s gonna be sunny and hot. I always tell people (a tad too optimistically) that when it rains here, it’s only for a couple minutes at a time, and it will always clear up. Wrong and wrong.

Brett & Sarah’s wedding was nonstop rain, with Momma Nature giving us a bit of respite around 7 pm, just in time to drag the plastic off the tables and feast on some epic Comida Do Sul. Even so, I have probably never met a couple less bothered by the weather and more happy to be enjoying the kickass wedding celebration they planned. I’m a tad biased toward these two but they are damn stellar humans. Brett has so much love for the people in his life that he just radiates it, and Sarah was a literal ray of sunshine everywhere she went.

As an aside, Patsy Durack’s Rose Garden is a hidden gem of a wedding venue in Perth, and I’d 100% love to see more weddings there.

Bright, badass blooms - Leopard In The Night