Ben + Rebekah | Fremantle Wedding

I’m absolutely loving every moody little detail of Ben and Bek’s wedding. As a photographer (and as a bride or groom, I imagine), it’s pretty hard not to get nervous when rain is in the forecast for the entire day. Everyone’s always talking about “golden hour” and “photos at sunset” but this wedding actually made me fall in love with rain. And I don’t mean a nice, soft overcast for even lighting, I mean DARK, rolling clouds and consistent rainfall. I have to preface this with a shoutout to Stackwood Hall for giving us a clean, dry space for some group photos… and also a shoutout to the bridal party for jumping out of the warm van and huddling together under umbrellas for the shot… but honestly, how can you not fall in love with the moody, grainy, stormy, windy, huddled-together-to-stay-dry vibes, and the two people who were just so stoked to be married, they didn’t even mind?

Also. If you got through the part where Bek was walking down the aisle and making everyone cry happy tears, you’re a stronger person than I am.

So much love for you two. If your wedding was any reflection of how your marriage will be, you guys will be partners for life.

Venues: Fremantle Prison and Wilkinson Gallery | Blooms: Covet Collect | Cape-sleeved gown: Hues of Vintage