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Kirsty & Ben | Yellagonga Park

I just love these two (is it biased to say that about all of my couples?)! We miraculously scheduled this shoot on one of the most beautiful winter days in Perth this year, smack in the middle of weeeeeks of rain. Kirsty and Ben...

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Paige & John | Hyde Park Engagement

Paige loves John as much as she loves chips (almost). John loves the way her eyes light up, and I think they both fell in love with each other's warmth and kindness. They met at work, started talking on the 11th of the month...

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Eileen & Newborn Kelsi

This is a sort of combination blog post - little Kelsi was born May 15th this year, and I've been given the opportunity of being her documentarian ;) Eileen (my photog friend and mentor @ Eileen Devereux Photography)...

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Eileen | Styled Maternity Shoot

The story of me and Eileen.

When I first moved to Perth ohh...about a year and a half ago, I was still a bit of a photography baby. I remember one afternoon sitting in my husband's office, in a new place with few friends, no photo colleagues, and precious little

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