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Tim & Jess | Guildford Town Hall

Tim & Jess' wedding was my last wedding for 2017, and it was a banger.

I kept saying (to the point where it probably got obnoxious) that it reminded me a lot of my own wedding - really chilled out…

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Erin & Adam - Willow Pond Wedding - Sneak Peeks

Erin & Adam tied the knot last Tuesday afternoon, after almost two decades together and with their two beautiful children alongside them. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony and I would say - as an onlooker - that getting married to your life partner of 18 years…

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Eileen & Newborn Kelsi

This is a sort of combination blog post - little Kelsi was born May 15th this year, and I've been given the opportunity of being her documentarian ;) Eileen (my photog friend and mentor @ Eileen Devereux Photography)...

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