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We're Amanda and Mary (Marielle Studio) - a small team of wedding creatives here in Perth - and we get really, really excited when we're talking about elopements! The two of us are passionate about lasting, committed, beautiful love and about doing your wedding your own way, so much so that we got to talking one day and Perth Elopement Co. just kind of spontaneously materialised. 

Here are just a few of the reasons we think eloping is the bomb:

1. Because stress! We don't like stress and we don't like when couples starting off the rest of their lives together fall way too deep into wedding stress. Totally not worth it.

2. Adventure. What is love if not adventurous? Marriages are adventurous, and weddings can be too! Why not get married on a mountain, or on the beach, or heck, on a boat! Elopements can be literally anywhere you can dream up.

3. And because romance. We're both true romantics and the idea of marriage vows that are pressure-free and all about you and your best friend? That will be something you'll never forget. 


  • Elopement Consultation
  • Celebrant
  • Marriage License
  • 2 Hours Photo Coverage
  • Florals for 2

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