Look, I know you’ve come to this page for some numbers and hard info, but before you dive in, I want to make sure you’ve found a photographer who is going to get you and properly tell your story.

I am 100% about experience. The real shit. Sit me down with a gin or beer and I’ll rant all night about how culture is making it hard to be present and teaching us to keep thinking about what comes next, but the short version of that rant is this: a day that’s taken up so much of your time and planning deserves to be reveled in. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour and share it by being present with the people you’ve invited.

Above everything, I want you to have fun on the day. I want you to not worry about your photos (whether it’s worrying about how they’ll turn out or worrying about what you’ll do in front of the camera) because you’re having a kickass time, and I want to capture the way you connect with each other and the people around you.

Still with me? Carry on.


So what’s the point of all this? Why should you care what your photographer thinks and why should you make sure you choose the right one?

A couple reasons.

First and most importantly, your photos are the one piece of your wedding day, apart from the marriage itself, that remains after it’s all wrapped up. That one thing you take with you? You should love it and it should mirror how you remember the day.

So I think you and the person telling your story should be able to meet on common ground. You should connect with how your photographer views and captures the world and your photographer should understand the responsibility of capturing you as authentically as possible, and helping you leave a legacy behind.

Secondly, and this should go without saying, your photographer should know their shit. The right tog will be able to guide you through your day (because we’re usually there for most of it) and will use their knowledge about you and their experience at weddings to be prepared for pretty much everything. It matters that you can enjoy your day and (have I mentioned this already?) BE PRESENT and know that your photographer has got it covered.

Still on board? F%^& yes, let’s chat. Have a squiz through my info below and touch base!

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Wedding Collections range from $3,250 AUD and 6 hours to $5,650 AUD for full-day coverage. Please fill out my contact form for more info, or to create a something custom.

Sometimes couples opt for a more intimate wedding experience, just the two of them and a handful of close friends and family. My elopement coverage cuts out all the extra fluff and keeps only the essentials so you can make your day as simple and honest as you envisioned for $1,850. However, if you want to have your whole elopement day planned for you, head to my Perth Elopement Co page and find out why we believe in the sincerity and intimacy of elopements!

If neither of these sound like you, let's talk! It's your day and I'm happy to come up with something that works for you. Throw your deets into my contact form or shoot me an email at info@amandaaftonphotography.com for more specifics.